Q-storage Selfstorage | Disclaimer


Q-STORAGE respects the privacy of visitors to the www.q-storage.nl domain and will make sure any personal information you provide us with, for example on contact forms, is treated confidentially. Processing personal data is done in accordance with the requirements set out in the Personal Data Protection Act (AVG).

Objectives of data processing

We will process your personal data for agreement purposes in terms of our services and manage the relationships arising out of this, including activities focused on expanding the customer base. The data will therefore be registered in our Customer Relationship Management system.

What data do we collect from you?

When you make an information request for, for example, renting a storage unit from Q-STORAGE BV, we collect the necessary personal information to contact you (by telephone) regarding your information request. When drawing up the (rental) agreement for the storage unit of your choice, or for one of the others services Q-STORAGE BV offers, we collect the necessary data, such as your date of birth and payment details. Our online channels use different types of cookies, which you can turn on and off to your liking.

We use CCTV, control devices and systems. If you visit our location, we may collect specific data that these devices and systems provide from you for security purposes.

Clicking behaviour and visitor data

To gain more insight into the use of www.q-storage.nl and the performances of (online) marketing campaigns, our website uses so called web analytics software, namely Google Analytics. This software registers anonymous data regarding your website visit. Examples of recorded data include the source of origin of your visit (for example, a campaign or referring page), the web pages you have visited, searches used, etc. We explicitly stress that this data can never be traced back to you as a person or individual, except for situations in which you identify yourself as a person on one of the forms on our website. In such cases, your visiting behaviour can be matched with the data entered.

We try to make this data anonymous as much as possible. As such, the IP address is made anonymous by not registering the last part of the IP address. The information collected is transferred to and saved by Google on servers in the United States. The data from Google Analytics cookies is sent secure (encrypted).


We use remarketing cookies. These remember which information you have viewed on our website and are used to build remarketing lists, without being retraceable to a personal profile. This enables us to show you targeted ads on other websites.

Google privacy policy

Please read Google’s privacy policy regarding ads for more information, as well as Google Analytics’ privacy policy for general information about Google’s privacy policy.

Google uses this information to keep track of how our website is used, to provide us with reports about the website and to offer its advertisers information on the effectiveness of their campaigns.