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House Rules

Q-Storage Naarden HOUSE RULES

You are welcome at Q-Storage, 7 days a week between 06:00 and 23:00.

The Q-Storage team makes every effort to ensure that storing your belongings is as easy, enjoyable and safe as possible.

To keep our professionally equipped location in good and well-kept condition, we have drawn up a few house rules. We ask every renter to abide by this.

  1. It is forbidden to leave goods/waste in or around Q-Storage. Cleaning/removal costs are at the expense of the renter with a minimum of €50. Keep the location tidy and clean.
  2. It is not allowed to be in the building after opening hours. From 22.50 you will hear a short alarm signal every minute and at 23:00 the alarm will be activated. Any costs for the consequences (emergency centre, etc.) will be borne by the renter.
  3. The rented property may only be used as a household space of household goods. It is not permitted to store or allow toxic, flammable or dangerous substances, perishable items or living organisms to be stored or reside in the rented property.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the units or premises.
  5. You are required to place a padlock (at least 40mm) on the door of your storage unit. You have to buy this padlock yourself.
  6. It is not permitted to drill into the walls of the unit and/or to install fasteners on them. Any positions placed must be separate from the walls.
  7. Do not leave transport trolleys in the unit; put them back on the ground floor, opposite the stairs.
  8. Report damages and other wrongdoings immediately to Q-Storage (info@q-storage.nl).
  9. Close the doors of the elevator after use otherwise the elevator will remain fixed on one floor.
  10. Use the escape doors only in case of emergency; otherwise the costs of the security service will be charged.